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Southwest Washington Learning Center recommends that applicants have completed the following BEFORE applying for work as a childcare worker:

Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Checks are portable and found in your MERIT profile. If your Criminal Background Check is current, you do not need another one. Criminal Background Checks are good for 3 years. If your Criminal Background Check has expired; you have never completed a Criminal Background Check; or if you have recently relocated to Washington State, you can use the link below for information regarding Criminal Background Checks, and to download a copy of the Criminal Background Check form.

*Employment may not begin until the childcare facility you plan to work for has received notice of your clearance.


Proof of Negative TB

A Negative TB test is required for all childcare workers. Employment may not begin until you can provide proof of a negative TB. If you are a childcare worker seeking employment it is highly recommended that you complete this step prior to applying for work. The link below will provide you with several locations to obtain a TB test.


Food Worker Card (this is the ONLY state-approved online testing site – beware of using other sites). This link will take you to the online training and allow you to pay for your card (currently $10). SWLC requires ALL staff to have a current Food Workers Card.


The following may be obtained during your 90-day probationary period: MERIT (Managed Education and Registry Information Tool)

Your background check status, education, and ongoing training is tracked in MERIT. If you do not have a MERIT account, you can register today using the link below. See the FAQ below for more information.

MERIT Professionals FAQ


STARS Requirements *Please note: SWLC requires ALL staff age 18 and older to be STARS certified. If you are not STARS certified, please see HR about completion and payment options.


Ongoing STARS and Basic STARS Training Resources *SWLC offers several hours of ongoing training throughout the year at no charge to current staff; be sure to watch for messages, or check with the front desk before paying for ongoing training.  For training hours not offered, or if you prefer to obtain training on your own, the link below can direct you to ongoing training resources.